Tuesday, September 7, 2010

From Digby to Truro - the back way...

I love riding the roads that other riders say are their favourite so when Sea Dog the Magic Man and his lovely wife Jocelyn agreed to take me to Truro on a sight seeing adventure I agreed whole heartedly. These two Canadian Lone Wolves took me to see some spectacular sights - the roads are not in the greatest shape so caution should be exercised (One rider found out the hard way that speeding on ill kept back roads will land you and your bike in the appropriate respective hospitals)
Just outside of Digby 20 minutes or so was this incredibly windy little road that brought us down to this great river...

Annapolis Royal
Annapolis Royal
We HAD to stop in at the Leather Barn - what a great little shop!

Fort in Annapolis Royal
The old Fort in Annapolis Royal
 Canada's OLDEST community
This old fort is incredibly well cared for and maintained - it is Canada's OLDEST community!
In fact - Port Royal as it used to be known was the capital of Acadia and later Nova Scotia for almost 150 years, until the founding of Halifax in 1749.

There is no way for a picture to show you just how high or how steep the banks are here but the whole fort is surrounded by these incredibly steep banks...
Look Off” in Blomindon
Last stop before parting company and heading in to Truro: “Look Off” in Blomindon
From the Look Off you can see almost all of the Annapolis Valley - breath taking and stunningly beautiful!

I want to thank Sea Dog the Magic Man and Jocelyn of the Canadian Lone Wolves for being such incredible tour guides and thank you to Sea Dog's step mom for the fabulous lunch!

Until next time...ride safe


  1. Glad you enjoyed your ride from Digby. Seadog & Jocelyn are great people. I really enjoyed meeting you on Friday. I'm going to take some time to go over the things we discussed and email you sometime over the next few weeks.

  2. Safe journey, enjoy the ride home.