Friday, February 14, 2014


The room was well appointed with a comfortable bed and I was eager to get out of my gear and into something more comfortable. I was truly looking forward to the morning. Some time to get caught up with tagging photos and videos, answering emails and getting some of the work I needed to do off my plate. I was also eager to go explore some of the Halifax waterfront to see what changes had taken place since I had visited last.

In the morning I was greeted with more glorious sunshine. I headed upstairs to the outdoor patio to have my breakfast and watch people swimming in the lake. I was having a hard time getting motivated to work but I did finally manage to roust myself from the deck and make my way back to the room. At around noon, Red and his lady showed up to take me to the water front.

I was grateful for them let me tell you! There are a number of one-way streets and a whole bunch of construction and I just know I would have spent a lot of time being lost and frustrated.

At about 1 pm we pulled into the waterfront parking area and said our goodbyes.
I grabbed my camera and headed off for a leisurely stroll.

The waterfront is beautifully done and it was filled with people from around the world based on the accents I was hearing.

I stopped and watched this young fellow break dancing for tips – he had drawn himself quite the crowd.

I had some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten at place called Sugah Confectionary & Ice Cream.

               My hand paddled ice cream cone filled with bits of butterscotch in hand I went over to the windows and watched chocolates being hand made. The lady I spoke to told me that all of the ingredients that can be, are sourced locally and that they make chocolates in very small batches. 

The place is packed to the rafters with all sorts of confections, all Nova Scotia inspired!

I also spent some time in a place called Rum Runners Rum Cake Factory.
Since I am a rum drinker, the name intrigued me so I had to check it out.

Rum Runners is a cake factory that makes the most incredible golden delicacies.
Rum Running was at one time an important, if illicit, trade in Nova Scotia. Out of Cape Breton came one of the most famous Rum Runners of the 20’s, a man named Gordon Stevens. His wife is responsible for the recipe that Rum Runners uses today, but back in the 20’s her recipe was a way to get rum to those suffering from prohibition and authorities that didn’t take kindly to rum being smuggled.

With pecans, coconut and a generous soaking in sweet rich rum, these golden confections are addictive!
I tried a sample and toyed with the idea of buying a cake to take to the room, but I still had a lot of exploring to do. I did however grab their card and am planning on buying a cake through their online store for the holidays!
I meandered along stopping frequently as all along the waterfront there are statues and monuments that speak of the history of Halifax, the harbor and her people. Everywhere you turn there are shops, restaurants and pubs and a variety of attractions to take in.

I had taken my sweet time walking around taking in the sights and sounds, and ended up missing the Maritime Museum but I did get to go to the Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour. 

Although beer is no longer brewed here, the tour provides one of the best history lessons  on Halifax and the man known as Alexander Keith, his contributions to the city and beer drinkers.

WHAT A HOOT! If you are ever in Halifax, this is a must do.
The actors in this place are some of the best I have seen.

They are so absorbed in their character and role that you really do get a feel of what it must have been like back in the day. I am not a beer drinker. 

I am actually allergic to beer – to be precise, the brewer’s yeast, so I have never really paid attention much to brewers and their history, so for me, this was the ultimate in history lessons.

Alexander Keith’s Brewery is in the same place now as it was back in the 1820’s. The man himself, a Scottish immigrant, was the Mayor of Halifax 3 times and was involved with council for 30 years not to mention being a director of the Bank of Nova Scotia. 

He was a Freemason who became the Grand Master for the Maritimes. He was powerful, influential and very charitable.

Now this man came to Canada at the age of 22 and was already a master brewer, a craft he learned in England at an uncle’s business. He started out his brewing career as the head brewer for Charles Boggs; he then became the business manager as well and eventually bought the brewery in 1820.

As the actors move you through the original building in to Keith’s Hall you are truly taken back to the early 1,820’s and until you are done sampling beer in the Stag’s Head Pub, you never feel like you slip back to the present.

The tour takes you through the history, the brewing process and even involves a little singing to go with the beer sampling.

I did try a wee bit of the beer. I tried the India Pale Ale. It was crisp and clean and very refreshing and I had to remind myself, only a little. In spite of that warning I did end up with a vicious headache, but nonetheless I did enjoy my little taste.

At the end of this delightful tour which is going to cost an adult around $19 to include the cost of the 2 beers, you end up in the gift shop and can purchase souvenirs etc. Or you can go finish whetting your appetite in the adjacent pub.

I left Alexander Keith’s and headed back to where I had parked the bike some 5 hours earlier. Of course, I got lost thanks to all of the construction. 

I had intended to go and see the Halifax Public Gardens, little did I know that they close down at sunset.

Hopelessly lost, I saw a rider and his wife in a pullout. 

After a few pleasantries I asked him if he was from the area and could he help me get back to the Chocolate Lake Best Western. He agreed to guide me and about an hour later I was back at my room and packing up to get ready to head out in the morning.

I had a heck of a time settling down in spite of the comfortable bed. I was going to be getting on a ferry tomorrow, heading to Newfoundland and I was as excited as a four year old who is heading to Disney World!

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