Thursday, September 15, 2011

From Sydney to Middle River

Day 29 

The morning saw me up early, I needed to see Pam the manager of the Sydney Comfort Inn where I had been hosted. After a great discussion, she invited me to her staff BBQ around 12 – 12:30

I was headed over to the rally head quarters to say good byes and catch up with a few people. After a great chat with Leah and Scott I headed to the Tim Horton’s for a coffee and got shanghaied by the Saddle Bags. What a great bunch of gals!

We had a great visit and then they rode me over to see the World’s Biggest Fiddle.

The world's Largest Fiddle
The world's Largest Fiddle

After a picture taking session where the fiddle played for us the whole time, it was time for hugs and good byes. I headed back to the hotel for the staff BBQ and to finish packing up my bike.
A veritable feast!
A veritable feast!
Comfort Inn in Sydney
Comfort Inn in Sydney
We had such a feast and it was such a pleasant and welcomed experience to really get to spend some time with the men and women who work hard at this hotel to make guests like me comfortable and taken care of.

The Comfort Inn in Sydney has some wonderful people on staff.

Pam the manager and Barbara, the assistant manager work with their team closely and it shows! 

This is a hotel I can highly recommend and they are a member of the Rider Friendly Business Association®!

Comfort Inn Sydney
368 Kings Road
Sydney, NS B1S 1A8
Phone: (902)562-0200

Fax: (902)564-6410

After a wonderful lunch it was time to head out to Middle River and the Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat.

I turned right on the Middle River West Road and wondered what this retreat would hold in store for me.

I came across their sign and driveway beacon and headed up the short gravel driveway. What a gorgeous place!

As Angela and Patrick Lanctot came out of the house to great me I could hear the barking of their Doberman, Danika AKA the Velcro puppy! She is lovingly nicknamed that because she sticks right beside you once she adopts you!


The beacon that let's you know you have arrived
Danika by the Gazebo
Danika by the Gazebo
Old bones make for beautiful gardens

Angela and Patrick set out to change their lives back in 2007 and founded their bed and breakfast – they actually wanted to start with a café but you know how life goes! These two die hard motorcycle nuts – said very lovingly, have created the perfect motorcyclists retreat. From the gardens that hold the old bones of long dead motorcycles to the sconces that adorn the garage – motorcycle parts and pieces can be found everywhere. 


gorgeous garden
Yes, old bones make really gorgeous gardens

I was shown to my room – the Harley room and was amazed at the space it had. No detail was left to chance here – there are even boot and glove driers in the rooms!

The front door of my hotel room
The front door...
The Harley Room

There is a bathroom large enough to party in and the hall has a fridge well stocked with water and coca cola and a microwave with popcorn for that late night snack.
Glove and Boot Dryer
Big Bathrom
Hotel's Bathroom
fridge and microwave at hotel room
Community fridge and microwave...popcorn included!


 There are books and photos – a wall of international motorcycle
license plates to peruse – actually there is one in the bathroom too!
As I said – there are little touches of motorcycles everywhere from the artwork to the roller bearings and gear plates that adorn the buttons on the base of the toilet and the bath tub to bike chins finishing of the chimney and some other masterpieces like the chandelier in the dining area. Above this candle chandelier is a board outfitted with a series of motorcycle mirrors that shoot light every which way and magnify the light given off by the candles – it’s bloody brilliant!
Everywhere you look, motorcycle art
Chandelier with motorcycle mirrors for reflectors
Chandelier with motorcycle mirrors for reflectors
After sitting out on the deck watching the humming birds feed out of the feeder and other birds eating out of their feeder in the middle of the yard it was bed time. The pillow top mattress and my back agreed with each other really well and before I knew it, it was morning.

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