Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truro to Cape Breton

Day 27...

After a solid nights sleep I went for breakfast only to be greeted by the cheerful smile of Diane – the Super 8 Truro’s employee of the quarter! Diane is a gem and when I told her that I needed some stuff for my bike, she made arrangements for her dad to come and grab me to take me to Canadian Tire.
I grabbed what I needed and we headed back to the hotel. I tended to Black Betty (my bike)

Diane offered me some wipe down rags and to get a bucket but with the looming rain I decided to not wash Black Betty but to wipe her down a bit from the mist that was all over her and just wash the bugs off the headlight and windshield.  I took a bit of time in the hot tub, went to the room and packed and got ready to head out. 
A camera shy Diane!
The hot tub and pool area
The hot tub and pool area

I had breakfast, and went to check out. I thanked Diane and her dad for everything they had done and was finally on my way to Sidney at about 10 AM.
The breakfast room
The breakfast room

The Super 8 Truro not only had a really comfortable bed and great staff but the breakfast was really good too! If you find yourself in the Truro region – check this hotel out…Diane and all of the staff will treat you well, of that I am very sure!

very comfortable beds
The beds are so very comfortable

Super 8 Truro NS 
Treaty Trail
Hwy 102 Ext 13A East or West
Truro, NS B6L 1W3 CA
Phone: 902-895-8884
Fax: 902-895-8801
Web Site:

Onwards to Sidney in Cape Breton – YEAH!!!!
It was over cast and threatening to rain but it was warm and the entire way to Sidney I never got what you could call any amount of rain, it was more like a mist.

As I crossed the Causeway into the Cabot Trail region I was excited like a little kid.

It is so beautiful – words can not come close to describing how pretty.

I got horribly lost trying to find the rally head quarters, I wanted to stop there first before I checked in to the hotel, but in the end run, I ended up checking into the hotel first and getting directions from the staff at the Comfort Inn on how to find the rally.
Comfort Inn

Once I knew where it was, the actual finding of it wasn’t bad – the Casino and Tim Horton’s had great signage as to how to find them. I pulled into the parking lot and who should I run into? Micheal, the Ratbiker from Germany – he was holding court as many admired his eye catching rat bike. After a great gab, I went and took in the vendors, got en event itinerary and met up with the CMC and the Saddlebags.
Support the Cure
Support The Sure

The gals from the Saddlebags and I made plans to ride to the Storm the Fortress Event the next evening (Sunday Night). 

I had the most wonderful visit with Glenn and Gwen from Motorcycle Mojo – they are in the process of setting up their cabin on the trail and had driven up with a trailer filled with furniture!  Glenn’s brother, John is a leather smith and has a shop on the trail.  I also caught up with Harold and Wendy Nesbitt from Tour Guide Nova Scotia and 5 area riders from Grande Prairie!
gang from Grande Prairie AB
The gang from Grande Prairie AB
Riders at Cape Breton Bike Fest
Riders at Cape Breton Bike Fest, visiting and sharing tales of the road
I saw Patrick from Pro Poly cushions in Yarmouth and he is going to make hubby’s 97 Road King seat as comfy as mine so that he quits trying to steal mine! (

It was wonderful. 
I headed back to my hotel to get rested up for Sunday, it was shaping up to be a busy day! 
When I got there the place was jam packed with bikes!

I was a tired, but happy girl to be here!

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